Building Permits
If you live within a city limit, you will be required to obtain both city and a county permit. If you live outside of an incorporated town or city, then only a county permit will be required. In most cases, this holds true even if you are replacing an existing fence with the exact same style fence. Another consideration is, does your community have a home owner’s association that requires approval for fence construction. If you do, then you will be required to obtain approval from this organization as well as securing your building permits. Check with your local building department for further information.

* Please note: Your local city or county government requires that you obtain a building permit prior to the installation of your fence. Budget 1 Fence does not obtain these permits because of our large coverage area. We install fences throughout Northern Ohio and it would be virtually impossible for us to obtain building permits and civic association approvals for the hundreds of fences we install every year.

Before We Start Construction
It is important that your property markers are found prior to your fence installation so that your fence is installed in exactly the right location. We can usually find your property lines if you have a copy of your plot plan. If no property markers are available, you will need to have a surveyor relocate the property. This is not very expensive if you use the same surveyor that is listed on the plot plan, because they already have all the information that’s needed to mark your property. Often the surveyor's pins are metal and can be loacted with a metal detector.

Note that if you have us locate your property markers and we cannot find them we willl have to reschedule your fence installation. For this reason many customers locate their property markers before their fence installation.


  • No understanding of agreements with Budget 1 Fence's representatives will have any effect unless they are written into your original agreement. Any additional material or labor not specified in this proposal will require a job change at an extra charge.
  • Budget 1 Fence is not responsible for the removal of dirt.
  • Budget 1 Fence is not responsible for sprinkler systems or any other lines not detected by OUPS.

Thank you for choosing Budget 1 Fence for your new fence. We are confident that it will add beauty and security to your home and property for years to come.

Your Friends at Budget 1 Fence