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Necessary Building Permits

Get the Building Permits You Need

If you own property within a city limit, permits from the city and county are required. If you live outside of an incorporated area, you will only need a county permit. This is true (almost all the time) even if you are replacing your fence with the same type of fence. If applicable, you will also have to check with your home owner's association if they require approval. It is always best to check with all your local building departments to get all the information you can.

* Please be aware that your local county or city requires that you obtain all building permits before the installation of your fence begins. Because of our wide service area, Budget 1 Fence is not able to obtain these permits. We install fences throughout all of Northern Ohio, which would make obtaining permits for hundred of fences each year nearly impossible.
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Before Construction Begins

Locating your property markers prior to installation is critical to ensure that your fence is located in exactly the right spot. This is usually a simple job if you have a copy of your original plot plan. If you cannot locate the property markers and the plot plan is not available, a local surveyor will have to be hired to re-plot the property. We recommend using the same surveyor that did the plot the first time, as they will have all your information on file.

* We ask that you locate your property markers before construction begins. If the markers are not present, we will have to reschedule the entire project.


  • No understanding of agreements with Budget 1 Fence's representatives will have any effect unless they are written into your original agreement. Any additional material or labor not specified in this proposal will require a job change at an extra charge
  • Budget 1 Fence is not responsible for the removal of dirt
  • Budget 1 Fence is not responsible for sprinkler systems or any other lines not detected by OUPS
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